The first apple growing area in Himachal Pradesh, Kotgarh has many places worth visiting. Kotgarh is famous for its cultural heritage; you can see local people in traditional attire, which adds to unique identity of the region.


A little village-town tucked away in the Shimla hills, Kotgarh is just about 15 kilometers away from the national highway that heads towards the Indian-Tibet border. It was established as a cantonment by British soldiers in the early 1800s and before that it was a land that belonged to the Gurkhas.

Places to Visit:

Hatu Peak:

A great hike for the adventurous, otherwise accessible by vehicle via a narrow road that starts off from Narkanda just a few kilometers away. Known for its breathtaking views of the Himalayan ranges. Especially popular in May, when locals come to celebrate the Hatu Spring Fair.

Sutlej River:

Starting out just west of Mt. Kailash in western Tibet, it’s the longest of the five tributaries of the Indus river. Its cannoned landscape provides a beautiful backdrop for kayakers and rafters alike.

St. Mary’s Church:

A remnant of gothic architecture built in 1872. Made famous by the story “Plain Tales from the Hills” by Rudyard Kipling, which was based on this church.

Tani Jubbar:

Described as a “meadow within a lake.” A small lake on a ridge that is popular for its solace and pahari (or mountain) style temple. The last day of May, brings with it a day of music and dancing in Tani to celebrate the coming of spring. The temple is dedicated to ‘Nag Devta’ and is a place of pilgrimage for the local residents; the temple is not open to outsiders.


Known for both its absolutely picturesque setting and famous Indo-Tibetan style Bhimakali Temple. It looks across at the snow-clad Shrikhand peak, and deep down at the Sutlej river. It’s not only a place of pilgrimage, but also the starting point for many treks in the area.